Talk entitled Feast or Famine

by john on January 7, 2012

Title: Feast or Famine
Location: Petersfield Comunity association, Love Lane, Petersfield
Description: A talk entitled Feast or Famine
Speaker: Andy Willis
Start Time: 17:45
Date: 21-01-2012

About the Speaker:  Andy has been an active member of Southampton BKA for several years. After a 20-year career as a professional horticulturalist and recuperation from a lengthy period of debilitating illness he can now devote time to his hobbies, with beekeeping given priority. He supports his local BKA and looks after one of their two apiary sites.

 He is well-known to us, having given us two excellent talks in recent years, and as a prolific winner of classes in the HBA Honey Show. He is also a successful participant in the National Honey Show.

Andy has a wealth of knowledge, which he willingly shares with others.

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