Why Join Us
There are many reasons to join a Beekeeping association and ours in particular if you live anywhere within striking distance of Petersfield. P & DBKA has a wide range of members with experience ranging from over 50 years of beekeeping to beginners, juniors and family members. Some are Associate members because they belong to another Beekeeping Association and want to join in some of our activities. One of the reasons many people join is to gain from the wealth of experience that can be tapped while learning about beekeeping. This can be particularly valuable before buying any equipment. There are many expensive items that can be borrowed, such as a honey extractor, which until you have many hives is an expensive item of equipment. Some join to get hands on experience at our own apiary. You can come along even before you join to see if you can cope with handling bees, or whether it is just too uncomfortable getting stung. Yes, you will get stung occasionally if you become a beekeeper, but after a while it won't bother you. You can see what different types of equipment are like to handle and borrow some protective clothing. This helps you to make informed choices before buying your own. Another good reason to join is to benefit from some of the more formal education available on many aspects of beekeeping. There are courses from basic beekeeping right up to advanced levels. There is also access to courses on bee diseases and microscopy. We also have a library of more than 200 books on beekeeping subjects and access to the Hampshire Beekeepers' Association (HBA) library of books slides and videos. The social side of the Association is also most enjoyable. We meet every three or four weeks in the winter for slide shows, videos and talks on all sorts of subjects linked to beekeeping. In the Spring and Summer we meet at the Association's apiary to work with the bees and learn from each other as well as have a good chinwag. We also attend several country shows with our small marquee to show the educational side of beekeeping and to sell some of our Honey and wax products. Once a year, in autumn, we have a Honey Show, to show not only honey but wax, mead, cakes and confectionery. In addition many of the members also show at the Hampshire Beekeepers' Convention and the National Honey Show. We produce a monthly newsletter. As a member of our Association you are automatically a member of HBA and the British Beekeepers' Association (BBKA), you get quarterly newsletters from HBA and BBKA . Becoming a member also gives you an inexpensive way of insuring yourself from public liability claims. Your hives are insured against loss from disease for around £2.00 per year for the first three colonies. This group buying is also available for other products such as honey jars and varroa treatment.

How to Join
Easy! Just contact our membership secretary. If it is Spring or Summer they will arrange for a member to show you where our apiary is, so you can come and meet us; or direct you to the next country show we are attending. If it is Autumn or Winter you could just come along to one of our social events. Have a look at our diary. So why not come along and meet us. If you then decide to join us You can pick up a membership form at one of our meetings or you can return here to download and print the Membership Form and return it to the address on the form. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to do this, if you don't already have it click on the icon below and follow the instructions. Note: you can now pay by internet transfer see form for details.